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Day of Wedding Coordinator NY does Destination Weddings as well...

You can do it all yourself, but is it really worth the risk?

Planned right, a destination wedding is truly the most unique way to commemorate your special union. Unfortunately, as a day of wedding coordinator, I've heard quite a few horror stories over the years from couples who chose to coordinate their destination weddings entirely on their own. Missed flights - without any emergency numbers for support. Hidden clauses in contracts with hotels leaving couples with huge financial losses. Dropped reservations by hotels - forcing couples and their guests into a "2 star hotel in paradise". You name it, sadly, I've heard it.


As NY's top wedding day coordinator, I have coordinated over 100 successful destination wedding days. I have been recognized by the media and my industry as being one of the most experienced destination wedding day coordinator, and continue to be commended on my service level by organizations such as Better Business Bureau.

I look forward to ensuring that your destination wedding is truly magical.



"Alina is the go-to NY day of wedding coordinator..."
- Travel and Leisure Magazine


We had done a lot of the major planning before we found you, but you were the genie who put our wedding day all together and didn't allow a single detail to slip through the cracks, both on the day of the wedding and in the weeks leading up to our big day. We had so many moving parts - the kites, the photo booth, scooters, multiple locations - but you handled every bit of it with finesse and visible ease.  You are the very definition of “cool”.
- Jessica & Andy
Our deepest gratitude for all of your help as our wedding day coordinator, we cannot begin to imagine how we, alone, would have been able to coordinate the highly logistical demands of our dream wedding day. So many people came up to us during and after the ceremony and reception to tell us how much they appreciated your professionalism and dedication to making these special events run smoothly. You truly earned ours, as well as our friends and families' respect. Your ability to balance the drive to get things done with expertise, grace and exceptional listening skills made it a pleasure to leave the details in your competent hands.
- Sandra & Michael